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Characteristic of the bulding

The high standard administration Villa has been newly refurbished and extended in the year 2002. Its individual location, compact shape and entire setup prerequisites its utilization as the residence of a respected institution. The Villa is characterized by a conservative exterior and modern, high standard interior. The office space meets all EU standards for high class administrative space. The Villa consists of five floors accessed by stairways as well as modern elevator. The first floor ideally suited for the top management of the institution can be also accessed by an individual historical wooden stairways leading to a separate entrance to the building.

View on the Villa from Trnavska street           View on the Villa from Jégeho street

There are two toilets and a kitchen on each floor. All floors are designed as flexible open-space office. The construction of the ceiling as well as modular design of the entire building provides the opportunity to modify the setup the individual offices on each floor. All floor covers, doors, windows are designed in order to meet the high standard in both esthetic and technical parameters.

Detailed disposition of each floors can be accessed via following links

ground floor
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor
4th floor